S13 Center Console 
3D concept of an aftermarket center console aimed at giving customers a minimalist option compared to OEM. Designed from a 3D scan of the OEM center console, the one goal of this product is to retain OEM fitment and ease of install while maintaining ease of forming
Competition Carbon Chassis Mount Wing
Custom Chassis Mount wing designed for a customer to compete with current market offering. The customer came to us with an initial design idea, and was delivered a production set of bolt on chassis mounts for the C7 Corvette platform with CFD validation, renders, drawings, and a complete product offering. 
Harness Bar for 2019 Corolla Hatchback
With only two weeks before SEMA, we were contracted to create a bolt on solution for a 6 point harness for the all new 2019 Corolla Hatchback. As the car was under an extremely short time time, the design had to be completed and installed in the car in 3 days time. Within that 3 days the car was scanned, the harness bar and seat brackets were design, produced, and installed. As a finishing touch, 3D printed covers replaced the OEM seat belt sliders to retain a factory fit and finish. 

S13 Rear Seat Delete
Interior Delete Panel constructed from 0.125" vacuum formed ABS for customers who are looking for increased weight savings while maintaining a clean interior
S13 Vert Concept
Design study of a widebody for an S13 Convertible. The main body panels in this render were converted from a 3D scan, while the widebody itself was modeled in solidworks to pull from various GT style cues. 
Honda S2000 Design Study
Design study of a Honda S2000 featuring aerodynamic aides aimed at relieving high pressure zones in the wheel wells, as well as a front lip to increase front downforce. The front lip includes a raised middle section to maintain airflow under diving motion, while also utilizing an inverted airfoil profile
Custom Airfoil
Render and validation of a custom designed airfoil meant for low speed high lift application
Initial CFD yielded a max of 936 lbf negative lift at 160 mph with a 15* AoA and added gurney flap 
A more traditional set up yielded 427 lbf negative lift at 120mph with the same 15* AoA
Universal NACA Duct
CFD validation of NACA profile to offer an off the shelf intake solution with a proven profile
Interior Door Panel for S13 constructed from 0.125" vacuum formed ABS
Preview of the door panel featuring its initial scan
Initial Rendering
Vacuum mold to be constructed of MDF board with a steel frame for rigidity and easy of fixturing. A series of 0.04" vacuum holes border protruding features to ensure a successful mold process